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Cancelation Policies

Before making "your" reservation, please consider this.
You are claiming
an apartment rental as your vacation. Therefore, "on-your-behalf", we are removing the apartment from the market and securing the apartment just for you. (If Cases: Upon "your" cancelation AND the 100% re-renting your apartment, up to 75% refund per polices with Bank Card Guidelines and Booking Cost Fees.)

A broken reservation cost you, our business, and most importantly, our employes.

Gilbert and Karen Alphin, INC.

Hurricane or Civil Defense Mandated or Volunteer Evacuations

Note: "A few days or so prior to an official predicted major storm making landfall in the area, guest must vacate, then are refunded their funds within 30 days. Our buildings are boarded up, locked down and become temporarily uninhabitable. " 
Safety is our  primary concern, for
 our guest, residents, employees, and us!

ONLY  should the Town of Kure Beach's  Civil Defense departments of Fire and Police and New Hanover County Emergency Management Systems officials decide that it is the best safety interest that a mandatory or voluntary evacuation be mandated, then we shall refund moneys for the paid days that the Town of Kure Beach is vacated AND any remaining dates of your reservation within 30 days!

Comments: As of May 26, 2008 Karen and I have been through six hurricane eye's and countless fly-bys. It has been a challenge. We have been spared all personal body injuries. We always terminated our guest visits well in advance of any hazardous conditions for their safe journey back home before the hurricanes came ashore, including the countless close hurricane fly-bys .       Yes we have issued refunds within 30 days.  

Gilbert and Karen Alphin. 1950's, 1978-2008 Safety policy.

Special thanks to these INDEPENDENT links. 
"University of Hawaii, Institute of Astronomy" &  The National Weather Service - Carolina Region"
1. University of Hawaii Astronomy estimated forecast of Hurricane OR Tropical Storm Activity
2. National Weather Service Live Wilmington - Kure Beach Radar Image
3. National Weather Service Station Wilmington, North Carolina
4  University of Hawaii Hurricane Strike Probability  
5. Town of Kure Beach

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You have asked that "this time be held especially for you".

A broken reservation is a loss for everyone and will result in the charge to you.
Bank Card users: please refer to the "Lodging Polices of your Bank Card's Agreement Terms".

Due to booking cost of renting
80% "or less" of Partial Pre-Payment "maybe" refunded upon the full re-renting of the your reserved time.  
[2003, 2004,2005 ............ 2016, 2017, 2018]
Blue Marlin Apartments and Beach Shop are "certified" as BANK CARD PCI Compliant. ]

  Reservations via Credit / Debit Cards: May 2003 .... 2018. Security PCI Requirements for all "Major Credit Card Policies are practiced. For reservation by qualifying credit / debit cards, all account numbers / expiration dates / and other security information is now required by our BBT-TSYS Terminal.  NON-Refundable pre-payment  charged to your card immediately, AND will be used as a credit, to the consumer, toward the total billing. All remaining balances are to be settled upon arrival.  Gilbert and Karen Alphin, INC.

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