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Monday, October 31, 2005    4:30 pm UPDATE    Ocean water temperature in front of the Blue Marlin Apartments: 68 degrees, up 3 degrees from Saturday. All's quite on Kure Beach. At least for the moment.  There are about 25 fishing rods north of Kure Pier and just beyond N avenue. One fishermen reports that Sand Fleas were hard to find. He had caught two big Whiting.  I did not see many empty Sand Flea shells. The surf has changed since Saturday. The two points I commented on Saturday are still here, but several smaller washes have moved around between them, taking away the crescent shape.  Big Black Crows by the dozens are all over the beach, roof tops and several yards. You tell me what they are up too.  Kure Pier had a small group of fishermen at the very end.      8:00 am    Late yesterday, two ladies came into our shop reporting a horrifying experience. While cleaning their catch on the Kure Beach Fishing Pier, one of the ladies heard a big splash in the ocean. Underneath the fish cleaning table she saw a huge Shark. Its head was close to two feet wide and its body was more than nine feet long. The Shark was feeding on the fish guts they were dropping in the ocean. They were very frightened by this and at the same time, excited. Virginia Mullets and Pompanos guts do make a good fish chum. Especially for Shark!  Why I remember one time I was cleaning fish. There was at a fire call. When I was inside the small cab of the fire truck, one of the fireman, who is a charter boat captain, invited me go on a boat ride. He was going to let me swim around his boat while his customers' fished. Boy! Now I know who my friends are!     This morning, there are approximate 20 people on Kure Pier and about 8 people fishing on the surf north of the pier. Today, I am going the hardware store to fix up another water temperature measuring device.   Also, I need to check out our tide tables. Are they set on daylight savings or eastern standard?  Ocean water temperature in front of the Blue Marlin Apartments: ?? degrees  Winds: N 10 knots      Gasoline news:  $2.41 - $2.73 for regular.   Tomorrow's  tides:  HI tides: 6:25 AM and 6:33 PM ; LOW tides: 12:15 am and 12:50 pm. Stay tuned!    

Sunday, October 30, 2005     2:30 am    This morning, the # one question was, "What is that smell? " Answer, the Riegelwood paper mill. Yeah, Riegelwood is approximately 60 miles to the West-Northwest of here. Its a real nose twister.     Many families and friends came down from all over the state of NC. Places like Elkin, Siler City, Pinehurst, China Grove and Gastonia just to name a few.  Bluefish were the most caught fish. Spots, Pompanos and Virginia Mullets made a showing. The thermometer that I use on the end of my 10 foot fishing rod broke so I did not take a reading this morning. We got a fresh load of medium size Popeye Mullets in this morning. Should have them dress by dark.     The Kure Beach Shoreline Access Committee got a hold of some of the TDA moneys, that's that aggravating 6% part of the 13% lodging  tax. Other than the TDA financing 100% of an inter-structural fixture, they did put it to good use. Kure Beach now has a beach access for government vehicles should there be an emergency on the ocean where a 4 X 4 is required. Speaking of protesting taxes! "Happy Protestant Reformation Sunday!" Marin Luther protesting the status quo on October 30th 1517.      Ocean water temperature in front of the Blue Marlin Apartments: ?? degrees  Winds: N 10 knots      Gasoline news:  $2.41 - $2.73 for regular.   Tomorrow's  tides:  HI tides: 4:46 AM and 4:54 PM ; LOW tides: --:-- am and 11:07 pm. Stay tuned!    

Saturday, October 29, 2005    10:30 am   Time Change tomorrow!  Remember, in the fall, we get to fall back into bed for one more hour.      Fishermen and their families are enjoying the beach and beautiful weather. During the breaking of dawn this morning, one fisherman and his son caught more than 30 Bluefish. Others are not as fortunate. There is a large crowed gathering on the pier and more than 50 people on the beach, north of the pier. Spots, Virginia Mullets and Croaker reports are coming in. While getting a water temperature reading this morning, I notice that the surf in front of the Blue Marlin Apartments had changed. About 100 yards north and 100 yards south, the sand had built up like small points going out into the water. From point to point, the surf looks like a crescent moon. I have seen washes come and go, but I have never seen one this big.  If one draws an imaginary line from point to point, there is about a 75 foot dip or curve in the crescent. To be sure all them bait fish did not do this?  Guess I call this  "The Slue of the Crescent Moon". I did see many 15 to 20 inch Bluefish while I was out there.     Ocean water temperature in front of the Blue Marlin Apartments: 65 degrees  Winds: N 10-15 knots      Gasoline news:  $2.49 - $2.71   for regular.   Tomorrow's  tides: HI tides: 4:05 AM and 4:14 PM ; LOW tides: 10:22 am and 10:36 pm. Stay tuned!    

Friday, October 28, 2005      5:00 pm     Wild News: The plot thickens on Sea Mullets! Ask three different fishermen what's a Sea Mullet and you get 3 different answers.  This afternoon I got an email form the Marine Fisheries of North Carolina. The email starts as follows:

MARINE FISHERIES COMMISSION SEEKS SEA MULLET ADVISORS MOREHEAD CITY- The North Carolina Marine Fisheries Commission is continuing to seek interested individuals to serve as advisors in developing the Sea Mullet Fishery Management Plan (FMP). Sea mullet, also known as kingfish or Virginia mullet, are an important recreational and commercial species in North Carolina. Three species of sea mullet occur in North Carolina, southern, northern and gulf kingfish....

So I am back to square one on which fishes or species of sea mullet is caught here. By the way, what's a Whiting?

...For information about sea mullet and the advisory committee process, please contact John Schoolfield by e-mail at John.Schoolfield@ncmail.net or Chip Collier by e-mail at Chip.Collier@ncmail.net or by calling 910-769-7125 or 800-248-4536.

 Stay tuned for further developments.

I'm back! Update     4:00 pm     Gentlemen reports he caught 6 big Whiting before 8:00am this morning. After breakfast, he reports wind speeds picked up and his catching stopped. Right now winds are coming out of the north-northeast. Surf fishermen are wrapped up in heavy clothing. Jumps suits, overhauls, jackets with hoods and gloves are seen all up and down the surf.  Today, seawater temperatures is 66, down 1 degree. Seas are 5 feet, Dark Olive-Green with surf foam blowing down the beach in places. Today a # 5 or # 6 sinkers is needed to hold tackle in place.  Today's high surf might have pushed the long-running, massive amount of bait fish out of here.  I think that is good. Too many bait fish in the water makes it hard to catch the bigger fish.  I see Kure Pier is starting to fill up.   11:00 am     Rain showers were falling this morning. Yesterday, many Bluefish were caught one mile up the beach. One guest reports he had a slow week in catching fish. Yesterday was his best day. There has been a lot of bait fish in the water.  Ocean water temperature in front of the Blue Marlin Apartments: 66 degrees  Winds: NE 15-22 knots      Gasoline news:  $2.59 - $2.81   for regular.   Tomorrow's  tides: HI tides: 522 AM and 5:32 PM ; LOW tides: 11:35 am and 11:57 pm. Stay tuned!    

Thursday, October 27, 2005 10:30 am    At 10:30am,  there is less of a crowd of fishermen on Kure Pier than yesterday morning. This morning's water temperature reading was 67, down two degrees from yesterday. Color of the sea, clear blueish-green with white tops scattered all over the tops of 3 foot waves. Winds are out of the north-north east around 12 knots. Birds are diving in close on bait fish. Looks like silver shiners are still hatching close by. Sand Fleas are all up and down the beach. Many Sand Flea shell are seen along with a few Ghost Crab Shells. Something has to be feeding on them!*1          Ocean water temperature in front of the Blue Marlin Apartments: 67 degrees  Winds: N 10-12 knots      Gasoline news:  $2.59 - $2.81   for regular.   Tomorrow's  tides: HI tides: 4:35 AM and 4:48 PM ; LOW tides: 10:45 am and 11:15 pm. Stay tuned!  

Wednesday, October 26, 2005     6:00 Update      Spot run is on pause for the moment.  Lots of Bait fish in surf in front of the Blue Marlin Apartments. About 45 minutes ago, Karen caught tomorrow's lunch. A 16 inch Bluefish.      2:45 pm Update: Spot run continues on Kure Pier. Ocean is absolutely beautiful. One may see Wrightsville beach today. Surf fisherman tires out on third cooler of Whiting and Pompanos.  "Its time to go home and clean fish." Sand fleas were this fishermen's # 1 bait. Ghost crabs are running on the beach.      Noon  Yesterday, Kure Pier fishermen had a big surprise. About mid-day, I noticed the fishermen were all lined up on the south side of the pier instead of the normal north side.  Many Spots could be seen being pulled up out of the water. This morning, one of the fishermen came in and reported that he alone caught 181 Keeper Spots. Both Live and Artificial Bloodworms were used.  He mentioned that the Spots would move from one side of the pier and then back to the other side. Yep! That was odd for fall fishing. Any other fall day, everyone would have been staying on the north side.     Bay fishermen using Mud Minnows caught one 16 inch Flounder and two Big Red Drums, 23 and 25 inches long.     While getting a water temperature reading this morning, three big shrimp boats were seen about one mile offshore of Carolina Inlet. We wish these guys the best. Shrimp harvest has been low this year while fuel prices have been out of site.   Clear, sunny, cool and not as crowed as yesterday. Seawater temperature remains the same at 69 degrees. Seas are about 2 feet.         Ocean water temperature in front of the Blue Marlin Apartments: 69 degrees  Winds: N 10-12 knots      Gasoline news:  $2.59 - $2.81   for regular.   Tomorrow's  tides: HI tides: 3:43 AM and 4:00 PM ; LOW tides: 9:51 am and 10:26 pm. Stay tuned! 

Tuesday, October 25, 2005     9:00 am     Clear, sunny and cool this morning. The air temperature at 9:00 am is 48 degrees , winds are out of the west around 10 knots, the wave coming ashore are about 3 feet and the water temperature has dropped 2 more degrees since yesterday.  Looking at the horizon of the ocean, one may see swells 15 to 20 feet  high. "Wobbly waters, are way off shore."  The best way to describe this is, it's kinda like a big flat aluminum pizza pan that has been heated up and then warped in places.   Anyway, while getting the water temperature reading this morning, a fisherman, using Sand Fleas,  caught 2 nice sized large Virginia Mullets. Some folks call Virginia Mullets this big "Whiting" because of the large white bodies. Surfers in there suits were optimistic for some big waves from Hurricane Wilma. I too was expecting large waves but that was not the case at 9 am.  Ocean water temperature in front of the Blue Marlin Apartments: 69 degrees  Winds: W 10 knots      Gasoline news:  $2.65 - $3.08   for regular.   Tomorrow's  tides: HI tides: 2:47 AM and 3:08 PM ; LOW tides: 8:52 am and 9:39 pm. Stay tuned! 
Monday, October 24, 2005     10:50 pm     UPDATE: Hurricane Wilma.     Hurricane Wilma is passing more than 300 miles southeast of us. The left side of the hurricane is barely showing up on radar. Winds here about 15 knots from the north. The air temperature reading is 56 degrees.     12:15 pm     Yesterday evening we got a cell phone call. "Gilbert!  We are up here at the north end.  What kind of fish have orange dots and dark stripes running up and down it's sides? We are catching them 2 at a time, 10 to 16 inches long!" Well after several moments of describing the fish, I concluded that it might be a Pig Fish. The fishermen came by our shop after hours and they too compared all the pictures on the chart and said the fish were Pig Fish. Yep! I called a fish house just to make sure Pig Fish are good to eat. They said that Pig Fish are a good  fish for dinner.     Rain showers begin sometimes in the early morning hours. Kure Pier and the beach in front of the Blue Marlin Apartments do have a few fishermen fishing in the gentle rain showers. I was very surprised to see the drop in ocean water's temperature while taking today's reading. 71 degrees! I took several readings and got the same results. That's got to be a lot of new water coming in. You can not cool that much water 4 degrees in 24 hours.  At the present time, we are making no preparation  for Hurricane Wilma passing 300 plus miles off shore. Kure Beach Public Works department had the towns' backhoe digging out the storm drains were street rainwater exits to the beach. From the depth of the dig, more than  5 feet of sand has filled in over the past month. Consistent southwest winds build the beach while northeast wind erode. That is why the beach averages out on building up and eroding.*1         Ocean water temperature in front of the Blue Marlin Apartments: 71 degrees  Winds: N 10-20 knots      Gasoline news:  $2.69 - $3.05   for regular.     Tomorrow's  tides: HI tides: 1:49 AM and 2:14 PM ; LOW tides: 7:52 am and 8:44 pm. Stay tuned!      

Sunday, October 23, 2005        12:30 pm        Several fishermen got in on the Kure Pier Spot Run last night. Reports say that Spot bit from 10:00 pm to 2:00 am this morning. A 42 inch Red Drum was caught and released on one of the sport fishing boats. Fisherman and his family had lots of fun on the north end. A 25 pound Skate was their only catch, but, What a 'reel' treat it was!". Other fishermen were disappointed in their results. The biggest talk in the shop is the number of Dolphin's feeding in close to shore. Many reports are coming from our very own guest staying our Blue Marlin Apartments.     Lake news: Just in case of heavy rains this week, Carolina Beach has already drained the lake. Today the lake just is a mud bottom pit.  Ocean water temperature in front of the Blue Marlin Apartments: 75 degrees  Winds: N 10 knots      Gasoline news:  $2.69 - $3.05   for regular.     Tomorrow's  tides: HI tides: 12:51 AM and 1:19 PM ; LOW tides: 6:54 am and 7:46 pm. Stay tuned!     

Saturday, October 22, 2005        UPDATE 5:50 pm     13 Pound Sheephead hauled on to Kure Pier this afternoon.  Other fishermen are coming back to get more Shrimp. Spots, Virginia Mullets and nice size Croakers are filling up coolers. Yes we have Ice!       11:00 am    I see the "Big Tease" is back this morning. (see October 20, 2005)  40 or more sea birds are diving into the water after bait fish. Along with the Birds are Dolphin. While getting a water temperature reading, two Dolphin splashed through the surface of the water approximately 150 feet off shore. In both of their mouths, one Long Fish. These two were fighting over or perhaps, sharing the same meal. Yesterday afternoon a colossal 20 inch Pompano was reported caught in front of the Blue Marlin Apartments.     Kure Pier has a good crowed of folks, several are bunched up at the end.    Ocean water temperature in front of the Blue Marlin Apartments: 75 degrees  Winds: S 10 knots      Gasoline news:  $2.69 - $3.05   for regular.     Tomorrow's  tides: HI tides: --:-- AM and 12:26 PM ; LOW tides: 6:01 am and 6:51 pm. Stay tuned!   

Friday, October 21, 2005    10:45 am     Yesterday afternoon two of our guest came running in our shop saying  they are witnessing something they have never seen before. In the 40 plus years coming to Kure Beach, thousands of 2- 4 inch shinny minnows were being chased ashore by Big Bluefish. After ashore the sea gulls and other small sea birds would get a free meal. The fishermen were able to reach down and  pick these minnows up by the fist load. Since there were so many bait fish in the water, the fishermen did not hook any fish. Later, when the bait fish were gone or all eaten, they started back catching Bluefish and Pompanos. I suppose to much of a good thing is bad in this case. Sometimes fishermen use fish chum to draw fish close into shore.      Ocean water temperature in front of the Blue Marlin Apartments: 75 degrees  Winds: S 10-15 knots      Gasoline news:  $2.79 - $3.00   for regular.     Tomorrow's  tides: HI tides: 11:36 AM and 11:58 PM ; LOW tides: 5:13 am and 5:59 pm. Stay tuned!

Thursday, October 20, 2005     2:35 pm        Yep! The Big Tease!     Yesterday and today something big has been chasing and causing small fish to jump out of the water in front of the Blue Marlin Apartments.     Dozens of Big brown Pelicans and other White Sea Birds were diving head first into the water. During this blitz of fish, I did not see one fish caught from the shore. Our guest were laughing and wishing big time for something to hit their tackle. Once the blitz was over Pompanos and Bluefish started back biting. Live Mud Minnows, Cut Mullet, Shrimp, Store Bought Sand Fleas, Live and Artificial Bloodworms are popular baits. Kure Pier has a big crowd of fishermen and fisherwomen. Clear sky with a slight haze in the air. I could not see Wrightsville Beach today. A Big 14 Pound Flounder was reported caught in Snows Cut the day before yesterday.      Ocean water temperature in front of the Blue Marlin Apartments: 75 degrees  Winds: S 5-10 knots      Gasoline news:  $2.79 - $3.00   for regular.     Tomorrow's  tides: HI tides: 10:49 AM and 1:10 PM ; LOW tides: 4:28 am and 5:11 pm. Stay tuned!

Wednesday, October 19, 2005     1:00 pm    Larger Bluefish are showing up!     For the faint hearted on eating Bluefish, cut the head one third off or cut the fish from the bottom of the head to the rectum an remove all the guts of the fish while on the beach. Then toss the guts back into the water. This action will allow the strong blood to gets out of the fish.  Remember  NC fisheries state that one must leave the head attached to the full length of the fish until you get home.      One fisherman reports a Bluefish longer than 30 inches jump up right in front of his wife this morning. The fish was less than 40 feet from the shore. Pompanos and Flounder are hitting on Shrimp and Cut Mullets. Kure Pier fishermen are telling me that the end of the Pier is producing several fish. The Boat landing past the ferry was filled up with water this morning. This is caused by the October Lunar Tides . When I went to recycle our mullet guts, I had to walk all the way over to the river. There, two ladies were catching Croakers, Crabs and Shrimp. Rod n Reel and a Cast Net was their instruments of choice. Folks at the fish house are talking about the beautiful sky at night.  I talked to a commercial shrimp per last night. He is upset because the shrimp did not produce a good season and the price of diesel fuel was too high to make a living.       Ocean water temperature in front of the Blue Marlin Apartments: 75 degrees  Winds: W 5-10 knots      Gasoline news:  $2.83 - $3.00   for regular.     Tomorrow's  tides: HI tides: 10:04 AM and 10:24 PM ; LOW tides: 3:45 am and 4:25 pm. Stay tuned!

Tuesday, October 18, 2005     5:15 pm     This morning the fish were biting good! A nice size 15/100 of a pound shy of a citation size Pompano was caught along with 15 others smaller Pompanos. Plus several 20 inch Bluefish, 2 Blowfish and a Throw-back" 12 inch Flounder. During this morning fish run, the winds were coming out of the north. By this afternoon, the brakes were set on catching fish as the winds turned from the north and began blowing  from southwest. This seems to happen every time in the fall.  At low tide, the beach has about a 25 degree slope going down to the water. I could see Wrightsville beach's high-rise motels on this clear day.     A local resident of the Island reports that Virginia Mullets are running big time in the Cape Fear River. 25 to 30 catches are a common treat for local boaters. He also reports, at 3:00 in the morning, the moon has been so big and full it is almost a bright as daylight. Sometime after sunset, several locals are coming out to watch the moonrise out of the water .  Kure Pier has a very nice crowed of folks fishing from her deck.        Water temperatures: 75 degrees  Winds: SW 10-15 knots      Gasoline news:  $2.87 - $3.05   for regular.     Tomorrow's  tides: HI tides: 9:19 AM and 9:40 PM ; LOW tides: 3:02 am and 3:40 pm. Stay tuned!

Monday, October 17, 2005     Noon     This morning had to have been the most beautiful day of they year! The sky was clear, the stars were bright and the moon was so big you felt like you could reach out an touch it as it slowly set down in the west.     Now back down to earth and life in Kure Beach, North Carolina.     This morning the air temperature was 49 degrees. Fishermen were coming back for more of the latest item on the market, Artificial Bloodworms! Spots have taking a liking to them One young fisherman with his dad reports that he reeled in a large Sheephead on his dad's fishing rod. Other fishermen were buying Ice for yesterday's catch of Bluefish, Pompanos and Black Drum. There were more folks fishing the surf and pier for a Monday than I have seen in quite a while.     Water temperatures: 76 degrees.     Winds: N -10-15 knots      Gasoline news:  $2.89 - $3.05   for regular.     Tomorrow's  tides: HI tides: 8:34 AM and 8:56 PM ; LOW tides: 2:19 am and 2:54 pm. Stay tuned!

Sunday, October 16, 2005     4:30 pm     Today ended our lady fishermen fall get-a-way. Her and her family had a pretty good week for catching fish. Other quest were not as fortunate has her. The sun, ocean and big sky made a fantastic scenery for these guest. Boaters fishing Snows Cut were catching Flounder and Bluefish. I meant to ask about the waters there but forgot to. Kure Pier Fishermen are saying that the Spot, Pompano and Virginia Mullets were running off and on. Bloodworms, Live and Artificial were the most popular. Black Drum and large Sheephead are also showing up.  Some customers are coming in an buying Cutter's insect repellent to stop biting flies from biting.  Water temperatures: 76 degrees. Winds: NW -15 knots  Gasoline news:  $2.89 - $3.05   for regular  Tomorrow's  tides: HI tides: 7:47 AM and 8:11 PM ; LOW tides: 1:35 am and 2:07 pm. Stay tuned!

Saturday, October 15, 2005         5:00 pm        Large crowd of people down today. Kure Pier and the surf are active with fishermen. All of the fishermen we have seen today have not returned yet. Bluefish, Spot, Pompanos and Black Drum are the fish we are hearing about. While running some chores today, I noticed that many of the ditches and yards had water standing over from last weeks heavy rains.       Water temperatures: 76 degrees. Winds: NW -5 knots  Gasoline news:  $2.89 - $3.05   for regular  Tomorrow's  tides: HI tides: 6:59 AM and 7:24 PM ; LOW tides: 12:50 am and 1:18 pm.  Stay tuned 

Friday, October 14, 2005     2:15 pm     Most of questions we are getting today pertain to the NC Fishier Rules for the 2005 fall fishing season. Of the most common fishes caught and regulated here in Kure Beach they are as follows:  Flounder: Sizes and count are the same for both rivers, bays, sounds and ocean. Course all of these areas are inland and up to 3 miles offshore. 14 inches minimum length and 8 Flounder per day per person. Bluefish: Count is maximum is 15/day, only 5 greater than 24 inches. Red Drum: Maximum count is one per day and the size limits fall into a slot between 18 to 27 inches. Speckled trout: 12 inches minimum length and 10/day while its close cousin, the Gray Trout count is 7/day and the same 12 inches minimum length.         Our fishermen who caught more than 7 coolers of fish this week are taking a break today, the need for sleep and rest has caught up. While I was taking an ocean water temperature reading, one of our new guest pulled in a nice Bluefish. Being that this fish would have place nicely in a sardine can, he tossed the shinny wiggler back into the ocean. Other keeper fish were Pompons and Bluefish. The surf is starting to fill up with surf fishermen as Kure Pier continues to have a nice crowd of fishermen.     Water temperatures: 76 degrees. Winds: NE -10 knots  Gasoline news:  no readings   for regular  Tomorrow's  tides: HI tides: 6:07 AM and 6:35 PM ; LOW tides: 12:02 am and 12:26 pm.  Stay tuned 

Thursday, October 13, 2005    5:30 pm     Updated: Reports of fish catches. Several sets of customers have come in saying that the live and artificial Bloodworms are catching more fish than shrimp. Some of our guest are using earthworms and they are doing real well. Guess we are going to have to have a taste-test contest like one of those beer commercials on TV. It's a strange thing how some folks catch fish with some baits and others come up empty handed. South end produce a few Flounders and Pompanos.        4:00 pm     Well, I have to start out by saying "It is good to see some long lost sunshine for a change!" Air temperatures has gotten warmer as Kure Pier continues to produce fish. About 3:00 pm today, I could see about 75 or more fishermen on her decks. The cleaning table showed a few folks standing around. Some of our guest have called it a day. Two coolers and the cleaning time has taking its toll. Yet these guest still have big smiles on their faces.  Our Ice sales continue to climb as coolers of fish are covered for the long trip home. King Mackerel are running about 4 miles out according to one boater. On the beach, birds were seen standing all up and down the shoreline.   Water temperatures: 77.5 degrees. Winds: NW -10 knots  Gasoline news: $2.97 - $ 3.06 for regular  Tomorrow's  tides: HI tides: 5:11 AM and 5:43 PM ; LOW tides: 11:30 am and --:-- pm.  Stay tuned

Wednesday, October 12, 2005    Noon    Winds are from the north-east today. Many fishermen and myself are getting tired of these consistent rain showers. It very easy for the roads to fill with water because the ditches and streams have not returned to their normal levels. Yesterday's Spot Run continued up until 6:00 pm. That was good because many a fishermen needed a break. "Four coolers of Spot per day is enough for one fisherman's freezer", a daughter quoted. This morning, we got in a fresh load of mullets. These were the big fall mullets, a few were close to 24 inches long.     Water temperatures: 78 degrees. Winds: NE -12 knots  Gasoline news: $2.97 - $ 3.06 for regular  Tomorrow's  tides: HI tides: 4:09 AM and 4:47 PM ; LOW tides: 10:29 am and 11:10 pm.  Stay tuned

Tuesday, October 11, 2005     11:00 am     Kure Pier is the place to be for catching fish! Yesterday bonanza runs were a welcomed treat for many of our guest. Spots, Virginia Mullets, Pompanos and TROUT made the catch for many happy fishermen and women. Karen reports that several fishermen came in early and were heading back to the south end of the island. At 10:50 am this morning I did take a water temperature reading in front of the Blue Marlin Apartments. I see that the water has drop a few degrees since last weeks massive rain fall.  Ghost crab dens and the shell casing of sand fleas are all over the place. Red Dum could be feeding in close.  They have been caught here before.      Water temperatures: 78 degrees. Winds: NE -12 knots  Gasoline news: $2.99 - $ 3.08 for regular  Tomorrow's  tides: HI tides: 2:59 AM and 3:46 PM ; LOW tides: 9:20 am and 10:14 pm.  Stay tuned

Monday, October 10, 2005         5:30 pm     Spot runs have occurred several times over the 24 hours on Kure Pier. The fish cleaning table has had its share of Spot, Flounder, Virginia Mullets and Pompanos cleaned. Sand fleas, Shrimp, Bloodworms, Live Mud Minnows and Cut Mullets are proving to be tasty to many fish. Fisherman fishing the south end had a good time with his family. The Flounder they caught will  make a great dinner meal. Just add slaw, corn bread, fresh dug potato French fries and cold ice tea with lemon.         Lake park Boulevard was re-opened this morning.  Rain showers have occurred off and on all day. Yesterday, our pastor opened up with the question, "Any body building an Ark?"     Water temperatures: -- degrees. Winds: N -10 knots  Gasoline news: $2.99 - $ 3.10 for regular  Tomorrow's  tides: HI tides: 1:44 AM and 2:39 PM ; LOW tides: 8:06 am 9:11 pm.  Stay tuned

Sunday, October 9, 2005     9:00 pm     Fishing reports varied today. Many weeklong guest were disappointed with the total take home of fish. No freezers were filled today. Last weeks high winds and heavy rains were the culprit to most fisherman and women beliefs. This afternoon, reports began to sound more promising. One fisherman came in asking for the new Bloodworm Alternatives. Spots have taken a liking to this new bait. Road waters have receded in many places. Lake Park Boulevard is still closed off in Carolina Beach due to flooding.      Water temperatures: -- degrees.  Gasoline news: $3.06 - $ 3.15 for regular  Tomorrow's  tides: HI tides: 12:30 AM and 1:29 PM ; LOW tides: 6:53 am 8:03 pm.  Stay tuned!

Saturday, October 8, 2005    9:45pm      Fishing reports: Now that's a strange sound. Gentleman reports several keeper Flounder along with many Virginia Mullets. We ask where he caught them. He did not want to say because he is fishing in the Sea Gull's Bait and Tackle Fishing Tournament.  Most folks would have just said. "In the mouth!" and walked off. With all the rain and water, "In the middle of the street" would seemed appropriate.  UPDATE 9:15 pm     Roads are very dangerous tonight. Dow road, for example, has water crossing completely over in many places. (Dow Road is the country back road on the back side of the Island.) The darkness makes it hard to see the water standing on the road. Hydroplaning is easy to occur.  It appears this water level has risen since noontime today. From this, and I am guessing, many creeks and main storm water canals have filled therefore backing up and running all over the place.  WWAY-TV3's weather man reports that New Hanover County International Airport received 13.75 inches of rain over the past 4 days. At our shop we had minor yard flooding 3 inches in various places. All of this water has disappeared.       2:00 pm     Winds are from the south-east around 12 knots. The long band of rain clouds seem to have past over. Weather radar shows the heavy showers are passing over the Upper Outer Banks of North Carolina and heading away from here! That's 200 plus land miles.  Weather meteorologist call what we experienced over the past 4 days as a metaphoric " rain training". A train follows a line of tracks that do not move from place to place compared to scattered rain showers. The recent rains followed a similar straight line up the eastern seaboard and dump well over a foot of water over the past 4 days. One can travel thru the county and towns but some road and streets are flooded. Be careful.    Today, the sun came out around noon thus driving the heat index up.     I went out to the beach in front of the Blue Marlin Apartments to get a water temperature reading. It's back up to 81 degrees. I am just guessing but with the summer like air temps and all the rain falling thru that warm air may have caused the ocean to warm up. Dead sea grass has wash up, but it is way our of the water and being blown into the beach's dune grass.   Water temperatures: 81 degrees.  Gasoline news: $3.08 - $ 3.19 for regular  Tomorrow's  tides: HI tides: --:-- AM and 12:20 PM ; LOW tides: 5:49 am 6:56 pm.  Stay tuned!

Friday, October 7, 2005    7:00pm    Well I am back in town. A special person needed some special attention.  Hallelujah!      Okay, while I was away, it looks like  Kure Beach received more than 10 inches of rain over the past 3 days. Carolina Beach Lake has overfilled its banks, thus closing Lake Park Boulevard. Traffic is being detoured via Carolina Avenue South. Seagulls' Bait and Tackle is Open! They are holding their fishing tournament this weekend. From what I am gathering at this hour, it looks like they are going to be putting on a sizeable festivity, despite all the recent rains. As we've stated before, "Fish do not mind getting wet as long as it is not lighting." I see that we have picked up some emails. I will get to them tonight and respond by AM Saturday.  Water temperatures: ??degrees.  Gasoline news: $3.08 - $ 3.19 for regular  Tomorrow's  tides: HI tides: 11:19AM and 11:25 PM ; LOW tides: 4:12 am 5:03 pm.  Stay tuned!

Tuesday, October 4, 2005     4:30 pm     A fisherman came in this morning saying all his line got stripped off his reel while fishing on  Kure Beach. Something big got on his hook and never turned back. Northeast wind continues to blow. Some sea grass reports are coming in from time to time. Water temperatures: 79 degrees.  Gasoline news: $3.10 - $ 3.14 for regular  Tomorrow's  tides: HI tides: 9:06AM and 9:12 PM ; LOW tides: 2:59 am 2:34 pm.  Stay tuned!

Monday, October 3, 2005     3:00 pm Winds are still coming strong from the northeast. Bluefish and Croakers are reported from Pier and surf.

Sunday, October 2, 2005     6:00 pm    Despite the consistent 15 knot northeast wind, better surf fishing reports have come in today. This afternoon, I called Kure Pier. Their fishermen had several good catches. One could see that the pier's  cleaning table had lots of activity. Yesterday and today, several Spots, Virginia Mullets, Bluefish and Flounder were landed.  Many customers are making freezer halls.  Glazing the fish followed by freezing in water with a pinch of table salt will protect fresh fish from freezer burning. Properly frozen fish may stay fresh tasting for five months. (My grandmother taught this to my mother and she taught me.). Last night we had the windows of our home opened in  the safety locked position. The northeast wind was caring the appetizing aroma of fresh fish being cooked from someone's kitchen way up the street.    There was no big fish-run this weekend. However, many hard working folks had a nice get-a-way weekend.     Local news: A first in my life time. A $1,000,000.00 home, toward down to make way for future building. The original home was built less than 20 years ago. Word has it that the house was in the way.  Gasoline news: Prices are up to $3.10 in places.  

Saturday, October 1, 2005     2:30 pm Northeast wind is still blowing around 12 -15 knots. Several fishermen are having a hard time keeping # 4 sinkers in the water. # 6 sinkers should do well. No reports at this hour. Kure Pier has a nice crowed. Other than that, there is not that many folks down today.     Local news: Two more large motels closed in the past two weeks. One has closed for good. The other, I am not sure if it will reopen.     Water temperatures: 78 degrees. Today tides HI tides: 6:41AM and 6:54 PM ; LOW tides: 12:38 am 12:51 pm.  Stay tuned!